please slow down

To ALL Park Residents & visitors!
A HUGE reminder to all residents and visitors – the speed LIMIT on all streets of the Park is 7 1/2 MPH. This means that 8MPH is TOO fast!!!
The 7 1/2 starts at Nerita in the back – cars are going way too fast past Dick’s house and at the front gate, please slow at the top of the drive as you enter.
We have had residents upset with the fast cars! We are looking for any innovative ideas on getting this point across. We have lots of children on bikes and older folks out for their walks that consider this a safe “Park” and are afraid of getting run over!
Thanks for your help in this matter~
Periwinkle Park Owners & Staff


Hi to All Residents~~
As you know, with all this rain, we are having a problem with the saturated ground.
We are asking EVERYONE to park in their driveway or roadway. DO NOT park on the grass.
Thank you for your attention to this matter,
Jerry Muench

house numbers

Hi to All!
The Sanibel Fire Department has asked that all houses in the Park have their numbers clearly displayed. This is very important when there is an emergency. When you arrive for the season, please be sure to check your unit.
Welcome back to all who are here! We are looking forward to another great season and are happy to see familiar faces~
Thanks so much for your help in this matter!
Dick, Jerry, David, Jodi, Evelyn, Anita & Debbie

Coffee Group

Dear Park Residents,

Good news! Charles Lasata is back in town and the coffee group can start up again in the pavilion at 7am. You can tell your fish stories, discuss world news, and sports again. All proceeds go to the Children’s Education Center.