Please help us recycle

Hi to All!

 Please be aware that recycle items need to be loose in the recycle bins.  Dick has confirmed that any bags of recycles are pulled out at the recycle plant and sent to the trash.
Here are the 5 things to remember:
Paper: No soiled, shredded, metallic or waxed
Metal: Only aluminum or steel cans, aluminum foil or disposable foil pans
Cardboard: Any kind of box that doesn’t have a waxed coating
Plastic: Containers labeled #1 to #7 – no bags , no Styrofoam
Glass: bottles and jars that are clear, green or brown.
Anything else in the recycles makes for an expensive disposal method.  The recycling plant has to pay to have the trash hauled away!!
Thanks for you attention to this matter,
Park Owners & Management

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  1. Is it possible to get a list of current owners in the park I am hoping to reconnect with old friends Moon and Jerry Price.
    They had told me some time ago they had a place at your mobile home park.Do you know of them?

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