list of service providers

the following is a list of service providers that have worked in the park…

Recommended Service Providers

Amerigas ~~ (239) 334-2849
Aztec Plumbing ~~ (239) 472-0667                                                                 Best Drywall Services  ~~  (239) 770-6029

Florida Anchor & Barrier Company ~~ (239) 244-8795 or call Johnnie @ (727) 623-8779 and ask special pricing
Detail Express ~~ 941-914-2730  power washing, wax cleaning, waterless

Mike’s (mulch, gravel, shell) ~~ (239) 415-7744                                        Can Eliminate Pests ~~  (239) 466-7721

Ft. Myers Pest Control ~~ (239) 543-3100                                             Coastal Cooling ~~ (239) 432-9833                                                          Sanibel A/C ~~ (239) 472-3033

1Gulf Coast Mulch ~~ (239) 482-5010                                                              8751 Gladiolus Dr. Ft. Myers Fl. 33908

Jerry’s Tire ~~ (239) 466-6500                                                                    Mabry Bros. electrical contractors ~~ (239) 482-1122


Nave Plumbing ~~ (239) 472-1101


Gavin Plumbing


ERP Electric Inc. ~~ (239) 834-8294


R.S. Walsh Landscaping ~~ (239) 768-5655


Custom Aluminum ~~ Rusty (239) 633-1466


Waste-Pro ~~ (239) 337-0800
Mederi Caretenders ~~ Jason Crews  (239) 481-5999 home health care Gulf Coast Mobile Home Service ~~ (239) 997-7576 trailer tie-downs & set-ups

periwinkle park park FAQs

a list of FAQs….
frequently asked questions

  • How do I get rid of construction debris?                                                  The park’s contract with Wasted Pro does not allow for the removal of construction debris, therefore it it the responsibility of the resident to ensure removal through an outside source. Here are two options ~ Waste Pro or Callahan Construction cleanup. Please do not deposit construction debirs at the household garbage racks.


  • How do I upgrade my trailer?                                                                          We recommend that you hire a mobile home or park model dealer to coordinate the removal and replacement of your home. The two dealers we see a lot of is RV Kountry and Lee Corp. Both teams have completed many replacements here in the park.


  • What kind of landscaping should I plant around my home?                     Native species are the only recommendation for landscaping. Natives are naturally drought resistant and are compatible with other native species. We have a native plant nursery at the San-Cap Conservation Center for viewing or for sale, however all nurseries in our area can acquire natives at very reasonable costs.


  • How do I know if the landscape I have is native or not?                              As with all improvements you wish to make to your yard and home, we ask that you contact David Muench to set up an appointment to go over all your questions and concerns

We are looking to add more FAQs to this list. Please feel free to post a comment with your question, or email us at  and we’ll get this page full of helpful information